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By zeeshan
Posted on 28 Dec 2016 at 6:15am

There is no doubt in this fact that 2016 prove an important year for luggage as the manufacturers introduced several such new luggage styles that are welcomed by travelers around the world. Due to this, several new luggage bags were seen this year around many airports and one of the best among them is ‘bugaboo boxer’.

Like other innovations, boxer is also in the market but it is available in the market since September while other such average suitcases that don’t require batteries have yet to be released. Its creator is Bugaboo, a Dutch manufacturer who got famed in 1999 with a range of stylish baby strollers that are still in use.

Losing the drag

Now Bugaboo wants to achieve the same impact in the market that it achieved seventeen years ago but this time it has introduced bigger luggage bags of wheeled suitcase instead of baby strollers. But the biggest concept here is to push it instead of pull it.

Several cases can be put together in the four-wheel trolley of boxer that angle the whole weight back on the wheels which helps the user to push it easily through a single hand. When it has to be taken ahead, the leading wheels comes forward through foot levers. When the handle is bent, the back wheels folds smoothly.

There is a hardshell check-in, laptop protecting organizer and a carry on in the complete edition which is available for the price tag of $1,500.

But it has been proved during a week-long trip from London to Abu Dhabi that despite having few drawbacks, the Boxer has proved its value very well.

First thing is that this new creation by Bugaboo is very welcome thing for hotels and airports as this Boxer can easily be moved with just one hand similar to the famous child stroller of the company.

But the trouble arises with staircase as this system is not suitable for those travelers who have a child with them and they use metro systems. In the beginning, it is difficult to adapt the difficult modular system of the Boxer but it becomes easy to use after some time with practice.

‘Power of push’

This is made after lot of effort and experience. Everyone on the hotels and airports admired this luggage box after seeing its performance. Bugaboo’s co founder and designer ‘Max Berenburg’ told that it will easily be accepted by massed after some time. You will feel quite comfortable after using the Boxer in airport and you will later feel very strange to use the old luggage bag after that.

But the success of Boxer depends on its performance against its competitors. ‘Rimowa’ is a Germany based luggage manufacturer that is known for its superb aluminum and polycarbonate cases. It uses the design where wheels move on 360 degree angle.

From this year, the company is advertizing its new luggage of an electronic luggage tag that help the travelers to pass away safely from all check-in processes with the help of an embedded E-Ink display and a Bluetooth connection.

Several airlines are having a partnership with this suitcase whose price is $50 more than ordinary suitcases due to this special electronic feature of the metallic tag.

Smart suitcases

In tech-enabled luggage, Rimowa is not the only company. A US-based Raden has provided such suitcases this year than can charge your smartphone, weigh themselves and also text you when get lost. You can also get at a lower price of $595 to this polycarbonate corner-wheel upright by Raden.

Another such luggage bag is by ‘Away’ that produced its own unbreakable upright wheel cases with USB charging and it’s available for just $295.

But Bugaboo is relying mainly on its design for its promotion as it lacks the gadgets of its rivals. Barenburg says that they are deliberately coming with a new concept that will be applied by its rivals also in the future. He gave the example of his baby strollers after which the other companies launched the strollers very much similar to theirs. But none among them could do that in the special way they did it.

The R2-D2 of luggage

This is a real picture as you see Boxer in the dunes. The Bugaboo boxer becomes enjoyable once you get hold of it. Its folding wheels and modular system are very comfortable. But there are few shortcomings in this luggage bag.

The entry and exit of a 15” laptop is not quite comfortable while the carry on has relatively less space of 26 liters as compared to its weight. One of the rear wheels also has some problem.

But even then it is one of the best you can find and it is something similar to the R2-D2 robot of the “Star Wars” that will perform most of the things needed by its master.

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