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By zeeshan
Posted on 01 Dec 2016 at 12:13pm

You can wear socks in any way you like but you can make your complete outfit better by a good statement sock. The current era is about experimental and statement making fashion from toe of our feet to top of our heads. Different types of beautiful and exciting socks were used only for special occasions but that’s not the case now. Several of these stylish products are now used for other purposes now.

Designers were of the opinion since past few seasons that statement socks should be reconsidered. Socks are mostly inexpensive which makes it an easy task. They are used almost every day and no one deny that they are stylish, affordable and easy to use. Apart from that, new socks can also refresh your tired shoes which make it sensible to spend some money on using different types of socks instead of using them for buying new shoes.

You have to highlight your look from feet up if you want to make fun socks the main part of your dress. For office clothing, the safest thing is to use a simple getup. But you can easily go for contrasting colors, proportions and textures in normal days and nights. We can also take inspiration from runways to know about big and small trends. Ballet flats were used with stirrup socks during Alberto Zambelli Spring 2017 while flat socks were seen with knee high hosiery at Daks. Marc Jacobs used silky socks with velvet sandals and there are several others that can give us idea of socks that can be paired with different types of dresses.

Below here, we are presenting 34 statement socks that will help you take your socks for all the seasons including fall, spring, winter and summer.

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