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Posted on 13 Jun 2014 at 4:39am

Brazil, FIFA Football world cup is going to be started in Brazil in 12 different cities. The opening ceremony of this large and exclusive world cup is going to be held today at 12:15 PST and billions of the football fans in the world are waiting for this world cup football tournament. This colorful ceremony will be continued for only 25 minutes and the history with the game of football will be shown to the fans of football. It is worth mentioned that Brazil is the sole country, who reached to the final of the football world cup most of the time of 19 times and also won the world cup title for 5 times. Brazil won the world cup last time in 2002 and the coach of the team was Philips Louis Scolary, who is also the present coach of the team. He showed his confidence over this team in this world cup and asked that he would deploy his team in the ground with the same fervor and zeal and try to win the football world cup.

In the opening ceremony of FIFA Football world cup, the Secretary General of UNO along with heads of 12 countries will attend this opening ceremony. In the opening ceremony of football world cup, the American singer, Jennifer Lopez is also invited, who will sing the song. It is added that she refused to participate in this event due to some production problems but the organizers of the football world cup has removed her objections and provide all necessary facilities to her to show her performance in the event. There are various other artists of Brazil including Fernando Leema, Maria Reeta, Nelon Airis and the Arabian Idol, Muhammad Ausaf will show their performance.

When the opening ceremony will be started, the young disabled person will kick the ball to start the world cup. He will rise from this wheel chair and kick the ball with the artificial limbs, which will be controlled by the signal being transmitted by the brain. The videos of the opening ceremony and the matches will be provided to the fans of world cup football.

You can watch live FIFA world cup at TV channel online in Pakistan.

Opening Ceremony Football World Cup in Brazil

Opening Ceremony Football World Cup in Brazil

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