The Fashion Crowd Losing It Over This Louis Vuitton Cellphone Case0 Comments

By zeeshan
Posted on 07 Oct 2016 at 9:18am

At the Louis Vuitton Spring 2017 show, the fashion and tech world both fell in silence with the arrival of first model for catwalk. It was because as she was holding the shield in which great selfie phones were present that were used as a street style in coming days.

The OG Petite Malle silhouettes by creative director Nicolas Ghasquiere was presented with a riff while It accessory of the season will be a new and useful material of the popular travel costumes of the French fashion house.

It seems that Ghesquiere depending on the success of the tres Petite Malles for much of his business. The hype was expected as Ghesquiere tested the accessory on Instagram one day before the show. Several styles were presented during the runway from red, blue, tan crocodile leather cases to checkerboard decorated sheets along with gold and silver logo iteration. All these products are available with signature hardware of the brand.

Millennials are now providing small luxury toy bags with reasonable price instead of expensive handbags which is a good move as lowering size of bag will help the buyers to use it on daily basis. The price of brand’s Petite Malle bag is minimum $5500 while its standard iPhone is between $295 and $445 which means that these new bags will be less than $1000 which is quite affordable with trendy and stylish bags.

So far, we don’t know the exact price of these cases but we are providing few images of these beautiful bags and you can choose your favorite case among them after viewing these pictures.


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