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Posted on 01 Feb 2014 at 9:47am

Make yourself pretty using them, when life gives you lemons. Lemon is one of the most underrated natural beautifying fruits. Apart from making lemonade, you can do a lot more with a lemon. The 4 best ways of lemon for beauty used are as follows.


4 benefits of Lemon

4 benefits of Lemon

Hair Removal

You should rub lemon juice over the waxed area after removing your hair with wax. Your hair fossil will open and whatever enters will be kept inside after removing your hair with wax. Squeezing some lemon juice will slow down hair growth and make your fossils clean. Applying on sensitive areas will also help in whitening them like bikini and arm pits.


Using lemon is a great way to detox. It is a great way to start your day with a cup of hot water with some lemon juice as it will boost your metabolic system. On your green tea, you should also squeeze a lemon which will detoxify your body from the toxins present in it. Detox is great for your internal organs and skin.


Everyone hates the nasty dandruff flakes. You’re not a hopeless case if you’re not putting loads of chemicals to strip your hair oils while removing dandruff. In killing dandruff, the citric acid in lemons helps. You can either mix some lemon juice with hot water to wash your hair or you can rub lemon slices on your roots before showering. To clarify your hair from chemicals and dandruff, the water lemon mix is a great way.


By storing oils from your pores mixed with dirt from the air, your skin forms acne basically. Your pores will be clarified by applying lemon juice to your skin and thus reducing your chances to getting acne. Also apply some lemon juice if you’ve pimples already. In fighting the pimple itself, the acid in lemon juice will help.

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