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Posted on 05 Sep 2012 at 11:00am

hair dry curly Hair

hair dry curly Hair

It is a big problem for ladies to dry their curly hair. They should follow the under mentioned ways in order to dry their curly hair. These are very simple and practicable ways to follow:-

1. Dry your curls in Air

It is better to let your hair open for a long time until your hair is dry. This is the natural way to dry your curls without using any type of artificial way to dry your hair. In this way your hair will retain their natural color and shining. If you increase the shining of the hair then use alcohol free gel on your hair and then wait for a little while. You may use microfiber towel by letting them on your shoulder and do not rub your hair with towel.

2. Dry Hair with Hooded Dryer

Some women use hooded dryers to dry their curls. It is excellent to use hooded dryer because it dries your hair rapidly without making any curl in their hair and in this way the color and nature of hair is also enhanced and the personality is also appeared fabulous. Hooded dryers of various qualities are found in the market and you can buy which is quite suitable for you.

3. Disperse correctly

The other way to dry your curly hair is the using of traditional diffusers. Although many diffusers like DevaFuser, are available in the market which are used to dry hair quickly but the shape and color of the hair could affect. The shining of hair may be affected and your hair looks dry. It dries your hair fast but the hair look harsh and stern which makes your personality ugly and awkward.

4. Remember Not to Use Traditional Dryer

Traditional dryer is harmful for the hair so keep avoid using of traditional dryer. It can make your hair stern and dry resulting into breakage of the hair. They also do not use towel of ordinary cloth because it can also harm the hair. The hair wrap up in shape of turban will help in loosing shape and color of hair and also make them dry and lifeless.

How do you dry your curls?

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