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Posted on 11 Mar 2015 at 7:10am

Do you think drinking of water will assist you to maintain your skin hydrated? Or maybe the best beauty product offers along with an excessive price rate? We made up our mind to go straight to a professional to get the mean on what’s real and fiction while it come to regular skincare beliefs. Discover what Dr. Debra Jaliman the board certified dermatologist had mention, a few of her answers might amaze you.

1. You Don’t Need to Wear Sunscreen on a Cloudy Day

Jaliman mentioned “Ultraviolet light penetrates to the skin every day of the year if it’s cloudy or sunny. Through the cloud the ultraviolet light penetrates, therefore it’s very necessary to put on sunscreen on a cloudy day also on sunny day.” thus, keep in mind to apply sunscreen into your morning schedule and check for moisturizers with SPF in them.

2. Oily Skin Won’t Wrinkle as Much as Dry Skin

Wrinkles can be certified to different things, from facial movement to sun damage, however your oily skin might assist to avoid from them. “Amusingly, oily skin has many vitamins E on it and those antioxidants from the vitamin E will assist to avoid from wrinkles. Therefore this could be a myth of all” Jaliman described.

3. Expensive Skincare Products Are Better Than Inexpensive Ones

Jaliman mentioned “while searching for skin care products, its necessary to search for the active ingredient not for the cost of the product. For instance, retinol is the most helpful anti aging products, you can purchase from a drugstore retinol product for $10.”

4. The Higher the SPF, the More It Protects

Sunscreen is a must, however it is a higher level of SPF it depends to how much it protects? Jaliman mentions, “as soon as you are at a SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen with a high attentiveness of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, then anything higher is insignificant.”

5. Drinking Water Will Lead to Hydrated Skin

H20 is exactly a life importance. However since water is good for the body, it does not essentially directly affect your skin’s hydration. “Drinking water is very effective to the body, although, most necessarily for you kidneys,” Jaliman mentioned. To maintain your skin hydrated, it’s necessary to nourishing and hydrating face cream to maintain your skin in check.

Common Skincare Myths

Common Skincare Myths

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