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Posted on 08 May 2012 at 5:52am

Beauty Secrets and Tips- To make your face glorious, charming and elegant at every place is one of biggest desire of every lady while it is very cumbersome task to maintain the beauty. For that purpose she has to try or apply various beauty secrets and tips. Some tips are natural while others are to use cosmetic products. Cosmetic products may consist of alcohol and some other dangerous compounds for longevity but it is not familiar that is the reason people have to apply branded materials what ever they are costly as they are not dangerous and allergic to damage your face beauty.

Beauty Secrets and Tips:-

For Cheeks:-

    • Drink at least eight glasses of water in your daily routine to improve skin tone and reduce the danger of dehydration.
    • Use benzoyle per oxide or cortisone consisting of products on pimple to cover it but use at last moment before hiding.
    • Invest bristles (that are soft and natural synthetic) in your brush for loose powder and blush.

For Eyes:-

      • Shimmers are best to give brightness to eyes.  It is not only make them more prominent but also show the lines and wrinkles, if use in excess.
      • Eye shadow base color is used to stop and absorb the heat of eyes if you dance. Without this color your eye shade begins to move out from your body.
      • To reduce the dark circles massage your eyes with the beauty cream and natural oil at least twice a day.

For Hair:-

      • You have to hydrate your hair with natural oils and wash their scalp by conditioning.
      • Remove the dust by rubbing scalp strongly with fingers.  Some shampoo contains sulfates that destroy the hair badly.
      • Use conditioner before every hairstyle to make them hydrate and silky. Use wide tooth comb to brush the hair.

For Hands:-

      • Use nail polish thinner if you want to keep nail paint thin instead of nail polish remover it can change the color of paint. Just add five to six drops.
      • Wash your nails with lemon or vinegar consisting of water to maintain brightness once a week.
      • Make a habit to wear gloves on hand during dusting, especially when you go out in sun.  Lemon and milk cream is used to maintain the color.
        Beauty Secrets and Tips for hands

        Beauty Secrets and Tips for hands

        Beauty Secrets and Tips for Checks

        Beauty Secrets and Tips for Checks

        Beauty Secrets and Tips for Eyes

        Beauty Secrets and Tips for Eyes

        Beauty Secrets and Tips for hairs

        Beauty Secrets and Tips for hairs

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