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Posted on 10 May 2012 at 6:59am

Hair Care Treatment

Hair Care Treatment

Hair Care Treatment – Hair care treatment is very essential if you want to change the structure of your hair. Some people have curly hair but they do not like them and complaining their hair texture. For this reason they use hot iron which burn their hair and their looking become rough. To avoid the loss of the hair, hair care items and other concerning material is also available in the market. Do not forget to ask from the shopkeeper the effects and advantages of the hair care products which you are going to use.

We are presenting you some hair care products along with treatment that are as under:-

The hairs Straighter:-

Reconditioning by thermal:  This is the process in which heat is given to hair for straighten. It is a permanent process which straight hair Instead of curls but if you desire for straighten then own the services of professional hair stylist. Thermal reconditioning can cost from 300$ to 1000$.

Brazilian straightening of hair:  This kind of hair straightening is a little bit harmful because it consists of keratin and formaldehyde that affects FDA. You should ask its effects and advantages before using it.

Oiling hair care treatment:-

  • Saloon Treatment of Hot Oil:           This hair care treatment contains oil massage is given to the hair which is nutritious for hair growth. The thing which is required to do is the selection of good saloon with their rates varying from 25$ to 100$ including massage of shoulder and neck also. Hot oil treatment is essential for bright locks on week basis.

Loss of Hair treatments:-

  • Corticosteroid: This hair treatment gives pain. It prevents hair loss but it also not good for the growth of cortisone and hydrocortisone hormones. It is also available in shape of spray and lotion. It also found in the shape of injections which is very dreadful.

Serum of Hair treatment:-

  • Fine alternative hair: If you have low serum level then applies light leave-in conditioner which will bring brightness to your locks. You must seek advice from your hair stylist before using any products as most of the saloon provide cure for this loss only in few weeks.


Hair mask Conditioning:-

  • Egg mask: Egg mask as it is advised by most of the hair stylist is not only cheap but also best mask for dry and rough hair. Just add one table spoon of water in egg and use for 15 minutes.

Banana mask: Prepare a solution of 1 banana, 1 egg, and 3 tbsp of milk, 5 tbsp of olive oil and ½ of almond oil. Use this mixture on hair for half an hour.

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