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Posted on 09 Aug 2014 at 6:31am

7 Ways to repair sun-damaged hair

7 Ways to repair sun-damaged hair

A simple equation that we all know but do nothing about is sun + sea water=hair damage. Through these 7 steps mentioned below, you can restore natural shine of your hair by treating the damage done by sun rays.
1-Reconstruct: you should use reconstructing conditioners and shampoos. Your hair and scalp will be much benefited with anything keratin enhanced and protein.

2-  Mask up: one of the best ways to treat sun-damaged hair are hot oil treatments. Whether it’s a 1$ pack you bought from the pharmacy or an expensive bottle of hot oil, they’re both very good. It is also possible to prepare hot oil at home. Take oil from three capsules of vitamin E and mix it will ½ cup of olive oil. After heating in a microwave for half a minute, you can apply it directly to scalp and hair. After massaging for about 15 minutes, the oil should remain on the scalp for an hour. Best results can be achieved by repeating this process once in a week.

3-  Back Off: giving rest to your hair is also necessary. This is by stop using your blow dryers and straightners.

4- Leave in: your hair and scalp can effectively be moisturized by using a good, light leave-in conditioner. For maximum effect, buy a conditioner with reconstructive properties.

5-Go for a trim: hair trimming in a salon is also important. Hair trimming indirectly helps hair to grow faster by preventing split hair. These split hair slows the hair growth process.

6-Don’t dye! Never use hair dyes, semi-permanent colorants and bleaches as they’re harmful.

7-Try Avocado: it is like a cherry on the top of cake if you use avocado for deep conditioning. Take flesh from a ripe avocado and mix it with almond oil of 1-2 tablespoons and apply as a repairing hair conditioner. During shower, apply this mask and let it be there for 30 minutes.

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