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By zeeshan
Posted on 25 May 2017 at 11:48am

We usually consider ourselves protective against the dangers of UV rays after slathering sunscreen from forehead to toe but we forget that we also need to protect our hair from sun.

Most of us try to make our hair look beautiful by having frequent haircuts, hair masks and seep conditioning but we usually forget to protect out hair from sun in the outside. Although, not sensitive like the skin but hairs can also be damaged by harmful rays of sun.

Essential Tips for Hair for this Summer

Essential Tips for Hair for this Summer

In summer season, sun is not the only harmful thing for hairs but we also have to protect our hairs from air conditioning, chlorine and salt water. Colorist Lawrence Wesley tells that intense sun rays during summer along with swimming in chlorine and salt water makes the hair drier and it also causes oxidation of hair color faster as compared to winters.

Instead of taking care after damage has been done it is important to take few preventive measures for protection of hair in the summer sunshine.

Wear a Hat

Hairs can be protected by both floppy hats and baseball caps. You can also cover your hair stylishly with scarves. But hats are not enough for complete protection and you need additional measures too to completely protect your hair.

Apply a Protective Hair Product

Use a protective product to cover your hair before going outside. It is especially important if you have colored your hair as they can retain their hair for longer by taking this step. But applying traditional sunscreen is not appropriate for hair and they can be replaced with sprays that offer protection from UV.

Reapply Protection Throughout the Day

SPF products should be applied throughout the day to hair also like bodies and faces in order to provide complete protection to them. Easy to apply spray formula is better in such circumstances.

Reapplying such products is also important even if it becomes cloudy outside because sun rays can be equally harmful like direct sunlight after reflecting from the clouds.

Choose the Right Shampoos and Conditioners

Color treated hairs can be preserved by using right kind of shampoo and conditioner. You can also protect your hairs from UV damage and oxidation through these products. You can know about the protection of UV rays and oxidation before buying new products.

Rock a Swim Cap

Swimmers should use a bathing cap before start swimming. But saturating dry hair with conditioner is important before wearing the cap.

Always Wet Hair Before and After Swimming

Wet the hair first before jumping in the pool. Taking shower before and after eh swimming is necessary. By taking shower before swim, the hair will not absorb the chlorine while buildup of chlorine on hair can easily be removed by taking shower after swim.

Frequent pool users should also use clarifying shampoos as their special formula helps in completely removal of chlorine.

Put On a Leave-In Conditioner

Before going to pool or beach, it’s better to apply a leave-in conditioner. There are tiny holes in the hair follicles that absorb pool chemicals which are harmful to your hair color and health. This damage can be prevented by either drying hair or applying large amount of leave-in conditioner before going for swimming.

Don’t Forget About the Scalp

Hairs don’t provide complete protection to scalp and they can also get sunburns like other parts of skin. Therefore, it is necessary to apply SPF products on the entire head also.

Try a Hair Mask

Your hairs will stay nourished throughout the summer season. Along with that, apply hair masks at the same time also.

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