Make Coachella Ready Braid of January Jones At Home0 Comments

Posted on 24 Apr 2014 at 5:27am

Make Coachella Ready Braid of January Jones At Home

Make Coachella Ready Braid of January Jones At Home

This is the stunning look of hair, which is made with the blue liner, nude lip, gold liner and boho braid. Now the young girls want to make this stunning and elegant hairstyle for the creation of this plait.
If you want to make this hairstyle at home, then you should start it with the towel-dried hair and use the products of Living Proofs Full Thickening Mousse after making different sections in the hair. The women should have the hair in their hands in the size of the egg and work it through upside down in different sections of the hair. Use it in the hair with the crunchy crown and flat roots. Do not apply this step in the curly or wavy hair and have more control over the shape of the waves in the hair. You should use the Drybar’s Hold Me Hair Clips for the hand separating, then use the diffuser like DevaCurl’s Dryer & DevaFuser for the mildly frightening claw like attachment to produce shiny and smooth waves in the hair without creating any frizz in the hair.
Now make two sections of the hair and use it in the hair. You should not pull their hair tightly as you do not need to have the hard part of the hair down the back. You should use traditional French or the lace braid on the back of the neck, then combine the two braids and make them one over the shoulder. Then you should finish it with the use of Bumble and bumble’s Cityswept Finish for shine in the hair.


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