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By zeeshan
Posted on 03 Feb 2017 at 10:51am

You will surely be aware of a new offering “Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam” if you are aware you and follow famous hairstylist Atkin on Instagram. These days, its old outdated to use simple dry shampoo powders and sprays. It is necessary for you to start using dry shampoo foam if you want to gap shampooing for five days.

Many would think that it is a promotional thing to make people spend $28 on this new technique after making them leave their favorite dry shampoo sprays. But we are providing few reasons behind that will inform you about the certain benefits of using this new dry shampoo foam.

It’s fun to use.

It is really very boring to spray dry shampoo every day if you are a keen user of dry shampoo. The most painful thing is the wait for 30 seconds in order to absorb it in to the roots of the hairs. But you don’t have to wait with this foam. After putting the spray in your hand, just put it in your roots and that’s it. In no time, your hair will become oil free and dry. The foam will quickly absorb in to your hair due to presence of high alcohol content.

It smells so good.

The consistent user knows that the floral scent of the products of Ouai is very strong. If you like the strong floral scent then it will be the favorite scent for you. But you will not be worried if you don’t like this scent will remain only couple of days after its use.

It’s a volume game changer.

Most of the users of dry shampoos want to get rid of greasiness with these dry shampoos. But they provide other benefits too as these shampoos increase the volume of dull hairs of third day. In this aspect, Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam provides most volume to the hair as compared to other dry shampoos. Your hair will get improvement if you apply it on bottom of your scalp also.

But there is a problem in this dry shampoo foam. The great volume and fresh feeling of hair are produced by high quantity of alcohol in it. This alcohol makes this dry foam extremely dry which is not good for most types of hairs. Therefore, you should remain using the usual dry shampoo spray if you have colored or highly dry hair.

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