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Posted on 10 Jun 2013 at 6:15am

The daily routine gets disturbed if you wake up late in the morning and it gets very difficult for you to get your hairs arranged because it is a very time consuming activity. You are provided with the tips and techniques to become fashionable here;

In order to save your time hot rollers should be used in the morning to give a bouncy look to your hairs give them little heat and adjust them on your hairs. When you are getting ready your hairs will dry out.



You are required to divide your hairs from the center and use moose for each side then you’re are required to make a bun by twisting both sides of the hair. Then the buns should be pinned up and using your figure you can open the bun. What you get after doing this process is amazing, pretty loose waves.

There are two options for your regarding your hairstyles, either use messy bun or pony tail within no time. It is also possible for you to enhance the ponytail or bun.

There is one another way which is to create two braids after setting your hairs apart but it is strongly recommended that you do this before one night so that the next morning you get wavy hairs.

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