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Posted on 18 Apr 2014 at 7:22am

To get the old Hollywood glamorous look and mad men inspired hair, the people should use the Eideal at their homes. During the period of late 50s or 60s, the hair has got the real revival with the serious enviable tresses, which are shown in the TV shows. The pristine and vintage waves give the beautiful look, which is hard to achieve and the people used the techniques. The simple technique gives their hair grace and elegance.

Hair Tutorial Mad Men Inspired hair

Hair Tutorial Mad Men Inspired hair

What you will need to complete the look:

Kerastase Lacquer Couture Hairspray

Spray from Heat Protection

Kerastase Lift Vertige for Volumizing

Clips for Sectioning of hair

Eionic Hairdryer

Brush for Evolution

Tail Comb

Cut Comb

CURLER Small-Barreled Curling Tong

Step 1 (The Voluminous Blow-dry)

I made sections of my hair and start blow-drying of my hair by the use of the perfect blow dry tutorial. Then I started creation of extra volume for the glamorous and vintage inspired look. I applied the volumizing product in the wet hair and I chose the heat protection. I started working at the bottom and worked around the head using the Evolution and Teflon-coated brush to lift each of the section at the root with the use of airflow for few moments. The use of the evolution brushes with super strong and ionized bristles for creating some extra lift and movement. I finish all this by sealing the cuticle with cool air allows the hair to cool down completely before moving on.

Tips: The women, who have fine hair, this technique is great and also give the additional volume to the usual blowout.

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2 (A Deep Side Part)

Use the end of the tail comb and create the nice and deep side part. The people surely looked at the Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren were seen most of the time with their heavy side parting. This gives the illusion of the more volume of hair. The waves in the hair look effective or hold when the style of the middle parting was made.

With the use of Tail Comb, I create fine and deep side. Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren did not see without making the side parting and it gives the shape of the illusion of the extra volume. When the women make the middle parting, they do not look effective with their waves in the hair. I pin up the hair from the top half and make the parting of the hair.

Step 3 (A Tight Curl)

It is a great idea for making the identical pattern in the hair in each section. In this way, the continuous wave is developed. I start making curls in the hair in each section above my ear and warp the curls in the hair forwards in the direction of my face.  The use of the eCURLER for the small barrel size to spread the curls out is done and tighter curl for good staying power is carried out in the hair. The eCURLER is used with the heat of 230° and with the use of nano-titanium and nano-silver, the hair are coated to make the curls in the hair and do not let the hair damaging.

Step 3

Step 3

Step 4 (Repeat)

Then I repeat this curling process and work around the first half of my hair. Each section of hair should fall right next to other section and it should have the same shape of hair. When I feel that the curl pattern is not made perfect then I stop the hairstyling and make other curl.

Step 5 (Ringlets!)

Then I change the sides and repeat making the curls in the hair. Then I follow the pattern and make other curls. You should also apply the tight ringlets and it will give pleasing look to the women.

Step 5

Step 5

Step 6 (Secure with Spray)

Now the time has approached that curls are made on the whole head after making spray over it. To make this hairstyle, I work on the super-hold hair spray to manipulate and loose the curls. If the curls are not secured then it will drop out. The women should use high quality spray and brush the hair and crusty curls will not give the impressive look. Then you should wait for the style with in five minutes in the dry and cool room.

Step 7 (Comb the Curls)

When I make the curls in the hair, then I use the Cut Comb and start combing in the hair. During the process of combing in the hair, the I join the curl pattern and I carry on combing in the hair around the head with the addition of extra spray.

Step 7

Step 7

Step 8 (The Finishing Touches)

When I curl in the hair then I see the vintage waves in the hair. To make the stunning style of the hair, I take the eCURLER and curl in the hair under straight/stray ends and help in cooling down the hair. Then I use the last mist of hairspray and my vintage becomes good.

Tip: The women should wait so that their hair cool down completely then they should add the hairspray. If you apply the hairspray in the hot hair, then the spray will cook in the locks and it will give the brittle and dry looking.

Step 8

Step 8

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