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Posted on 22 Dec 2015 at 6:14am

When you feel tired but not due to hard work or few sleepless nights and they feel weakness in their muscles but not due to overdoing in the gym, then you need to know that it is due to deficiency of the essential vitamins. You will feel some unexpected things happened in your body. Sometimes, we do not take care of the intakes of food in our body in right way, which may result to some problems in the body and we feel unusual fatigue or lethargy. The experts told the common warning signs and the symptoms of vitamin deficiency in our bodies.

5 Signs to Show Deficiency of Vitamin

5 Signs to Show Deficiency of Vitamin

Fatigue, Exhaustion and/or Weakness

The experts say that you can observe the signs of deficiency of vitamin B12. This deficiency of vitamin is found in vegetarians or in the vegans as this vitamin can be found in the animal foods. If you feel the nerve tingling, it is also the sign of deficiency of vitamin B12. The foods having iron can be good for the body as it can produce and build red blood cells, which can move oxygen in the body. If the process of getting iron, is not present in the human body, then the problem of lack of oxygenation can be happened, and it can lead to fatigue and weakness in the body.

Muscle Aches

If there are aches in the muscle, then it shows the lack of vitamin D in the human body. You can do the blood test and check your level and also take the supplement. If you want to catch every cold and get sick, then you can administer the deficiency of vitamin D. Sometimes, very little deficiency of vitamin D, which does not have any symptoms, they can poser the health risks, in which increased risk of heart disease to the risk of death and the cognitive mutilation in old people and in the disease of cancer. Vitamin D is necessary to intake, which can help calcium to make the bones strong and healthy.

Rashes and Cracks Around the Mouth

If there are rashes and cracks around the mouth, it means there is deficiency of Vitamin B6 in the body. The people should add the supplement with vitamin B6 and they can check their levels and they also avoid to overdo it. There are various vitamins, which are water-soluble and the extra food or the food ingredients are excreted from the body but vitamin B6 is not among such food items.

Tingling, Numbness in the Fingers and/or Mental Confusion

If the people feel tingling, or numbness in fingers or they feel mental confusion, then they need to check, the calcium level in the body. It is commonly said that the subtle deficiency in the body cannot be noticed but you cannot ignore the long-term effects on the brittle and weak bones. Calcium is necessary for the human body and it builds and replete the bone tissues. If any person does not use enough amount of nutrient, then it will percolate out of the bones and make them weak.

Chocolate Cravings

It is said that the sugar deficiency can be related to magnesium deficiency. People like to eat chocolate, which is contained with enough amount of magnesium and our body likes the amount of chocolate. As magnesium is the calming nutrient, so it can be useful for the people, who can have the stress, anxiety and hard time unwinding.

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