Advantages of 5:2 Diet & Use of Nutritious Food0 Comments

Posted on 22 May 2014 at 7:03am

Advantages of 5:2 Diet & Use of Nutritious Food

Advantages of 5:2 Diet & Use of Nutritious Food

Previously various diet programs were in fashion but the new 5:2 diet is the latest diet concept and huge number of people rushed after it.

The concept of this diet program is based on eating for five days at the normal ratio, then fasting for the two days. This is very effective lifestyle choice for the people, who want to keep their weight at the suitable level.

There are various wide ranging benefits of this concept and they started coming on the surface. The research has been carried over this concept, which shows the possibility of enhanced health benefits including metabolic efficiency, improved function of brain, improved glyceamic control and increased the burning of the fat.

Dr Kelly Johnston is the scientist of the LighterLife fast and he explained some plus points of the irregular fasting.

1.         Burn Fat: In this concept of loosing weight, the irregular fasting improves the fat than the loss of the muscle and makes it very effective weight loss diet.

2.         Boost Your Mood: There are various researches, which are carried out for the fasting that it can help in improving the states of the mood in the adults. People, who involve in the irregular fasting, they have the eating plan, which is perfect for the better sleeping and improve the level of energy and concentration as well. It can also increase the sense of overall wellbeing.

3.         Prolong Health: It has various physical benefits and helps in maintaining the healthy weight, the concept of 5:2 can bring various potential benefits for your health. Various studies have been carried out that can limit the intake of the calories and it can help in protecting against the number of lifestyle conditions, so the people should adopt this new concept of 5:2 lifestyle, which is a protection against the poor and weak health.

4.         Repair Your Body: A growth hormone, IGF-1 is produced in the body and it is great to maintain the body and it can also increase the speed of the ageing process and the potential of the age related diseases. During fast, the production of IGF-1 is slow and our bodies go into the mode of ‘repair’ and enough time is spared with the cells to rebuild themselves effectively.

To act upon this concept, there are guarantee nutritious food and the 10% RDS are recommended to the people as their daily allowance and LighterLife offers this fast 5:2 hassle-free.

This guarantee nutritious food is provided on the Superdrug stores in UK and Ireland and the price of these products is £7.99 and it is packed in the box of four Fastpackstm and it is enough for one day fasting. It is provided in different options like savoury meals including spaghetti bolognese, prorridge, pasta carbonara and four tasty shakes like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and banana. It is also found in the four meal bars in crispy peanut, toffee flavor, nut fudge and cranberry.

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