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Posted on 02 Jan 2015 at 7:14am

It seems that ‘strong is the new skinny’ is the new theme in the wellness industry and it is more obvious in the workouts especially designed for self-defense. There are plenty of options in these self-defense courses, including the traditional Krav Maga and also the most recent the Soteria method, which combine strength gain and life skills to counter worst-case-scenario. The founder of ‘The Soteria Method’, Avital Zeisler told that she made the Soteria Method through the physical and emotional capabilities she achieved after recovering from a sexual attack. He regained her confidence through self defense and later realized that women having retaining their femininity can defend themselves through their physical capabilities.

Avital Zeisler Soteria Method

Avital Zeisler Soteria Method

There are several such self defense applications that can be downloaded from internet but by achieving physical strength, one can gain self-esteem in her everyday life. Even if someone is not endangered to a situation where the physical strengths are required but she should spent time to attain the self defense training.
We asked Zeisler about the top tips to prevent violence which can be included together in our everyday life as preventing abilities.

Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision is the ability through which you can see at the farthest angle of your view. E.g. you can see the things around you while talking to a person or while gazing to a thing in front of you.

Convey Confidence
You can lower the threat of a suspected attacker with maintaining and showing your confidence. If you pretend that you are aware of your surrounding including physical location, persons etc. then there are less chances that someone can make a surprise attack against you.

Be Aware of Physical Boundaries
Normally all of us keep a distance from strangers while standing near them. You should kept several things in mind when someone tries to cross this space. The first thing is to see whether they have arms in their hands as it will change the whole scenario. The other thing is to consider their body language as whether they are aggressive or not? If it’s the case then increase the distance from that person. A 5 to 6 feet distance is ideal as it will allow you to react in any deteriorating situation. If someone is trying to narrow that distance then you should be aware that the chances of a physical attack are severe.

Avital Zeisler Soteria Method

Avital Zeisler Soteria Method

Sixth Sense
Our sixth sense has developed after evolution of millions of years. In the situations where the things are not according to our desire or when we are threatened with an attack, there’s an instinctive reaction appeared in all of us. It’s important to pay attention to these feelings as it can protect you and may help you save from a disaster.

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