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Posted on 30 Nov 2015 at 10:46am

There is one most memorable thing about my adolescence, which is acne. There was no other clue to show growing of her bangs out as the general social awkwardness and she also felt weird in her body & it was really for other post.

She is happy as the major part of the adolescent acne can woe her. She got the occasional annoying breakout, in which some were hormonal and others can fall on the acne camp.

You should start going to gym and feel the better inside & out but not the break out. These tips are shared with other to prevent the exercise acne, which is suggested by a Dermatologist, Dr Jeremy Fenton of New York through his Schweiger Dermatology Group prepared for the Be-You-tiful Week.

How to Prevent Workout-Related Breakouts

How to Prevent Workout-Related Breakouts

How to Prevent Exercise Acne

If you want to prevent the exercise acne, then nothing is better than the sweat session. It is not necessarily better for the women to work out and it will be better for their skin as it is necessary for health. When there is sweat on the body, then it can clog pores and it leads to the breakouts. When you touch on your face, then oil and bacteria can transfer, which is present in the moist and humid environment, which can result into spreading the acne flare. The women should try four easy steps so that they can stop and avoid exercise acne each time, which you go to gym.

  1. Don’t postpone showering.

When you do working out, you need to take shower at once, which can prevent the clogging on the pores and stick around along with mixing it with the dead skin cells. When the women do not have time or access to take a shower after completing their workout, then they can also use the medicated pad, which is added with salicylic or glycolic acid like Clear Clinic ClearMe pads for the wipe down quickly to prevent the exercise acne.

  1. Use the right body wash.

The women, who have acne problem, they need to use regular soap for the antibacterial use or for the anti acne wash, which is contained with the ingredients of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, as it is used for the prevention of the exercise acne. When benzoyl peroxide is used, then leave it for few minutes after the shave or brush the teeth in shower before rinsing it off. This process can help the medication sink and there are the micronized forms of the benzoyl peroxide in the market having the similar size of particles of medication & it allows the penetration of the medication in the pores and follicles deeply.

  1. Exfoliate regularly.

The regular and consistent exfoliation is the basic step to prevent the building up of the skin cells and it is added with the body brushes, exfoliating scrubs and with the washcloth to make big difference in its use.

  1. Breathable clothing.

The women need to wear the loose-fitting and breathable cotton dresses. These are prepared with tighter and synthetic materials to compress the sweat and dirt in the pores of the skin.

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