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Posted on 09 Jan 2016 at 8:08am

It is wonderful to go to gym to do the exercise and it will also be good for the overall health. The people can focus on the physique and they deny the care of their skin. When the women work out, then it does not mean that they do not take care of their skin care routine. They need to follow some tricks and they can maintain their complexion healthy and strong.

Before working out

Skincare Rules to follow before and after Workout

Skincare Rules to follow before and after Workout

1.         When the women start taking the exercise, they need to remove their makeup. When they women returned from their work, they have full face of makeup, which can clog up the pores with the help of mix of the products and sweat is also accumulated over the face. When you take exercise, your body and face can be sweated, which need to come out of the pores. But due to clog over the pores, the sweat cannot come out of body and it does not remove dust from the body and make good complexion of the body. They should ensure preparation of the face, when they go to work on treadmill.

2.         If the women go outdoor, they need to apply the light moisturizer with SPF so that they can keep their skin safe from the UV rays of the sun. The women need to choose lightweight product so that they do not have risk, which can cause clogging in the pores.

During the workout

Skincare Rules to follow before and after Workout

Skincare Rules to follow before and after Workout

1.         If the women are prone to breakouts, then they can carry anti bacterial wipes so that they can clean them before they need to begin the makeup. It will minimize the risk of transferring bacteria and the sweat from others to the skin or face, when they use machines.

2.         When the women carry out exercise, they should avoid wiping the face with their hands as their hands can be contaminated. They should use towel and pat the skin and face to make it dry with towel.

3.         The women need to stay dehydrated during the exercise and they should wipe the moisture and use water at the end of the exercise to cover the water loss in form of your sweat.

Post workout

1.         When the women finished taking exercise, they need to change their sweaty clothes at their earliest and allow their pores to breathe. When they complete their exercise or long work, they need to take long and hot bath as the hot water can remove vital natural oil and dust from the skin and make clear the pores to breathe in fresh air. The women should use lukewarm water instead of hot water, as it can remain the skin moisturized.

2.         When you take exercise, you need to take bath and apply the soothing body oil and they can pat their skin to make it dry with cool towel, as it can give the extra nourishment boost to the skin.

3.         When the workout is completed, the skin can become extra sensitive and the face can be made gently clean. You need to avoid using of products like moisturizer when you come home as lot of products and their use can irritate the skin and it can cause redness on the skin.

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