These Post-Workout Mistakes Are the Reason You’re Not Seeing Results0 Comments

Posted on 07 Mar 2014 at 6:43am

These Post-Workout Mistakes Are the Reason You're Not Seeing Results

These Post-Workout Mistakes Are the Reason You're Not Seeing Results

Feeling like you aren’t seeing results, though hit the gym pretty regularly? Your weight-loss results might be sabotaged with one of these post-workout habits.

  1. Too much reward yourself: You’ve been eyeing that piece of cake for a while after the workout’s done and the sweaty clothes are off. Using your workout as an excuse to eat junk food is not going to get you the desired result, though occasional indulgencies are smart and necessary. So, if you have burned 300 calories, this habit might make you getting twice of that.
  2. Stretch skipping: of the cooldown, you may think as a waste of time, but skipping your post-workout stretches regularly, will keep you out of the gym by putting you at risk for injuries and thus sideline your weight-loss progress.
  3. Recovering with a sports drink: electrolytes can be replenished by sugary sports drink, but the extra calories are probably unnecessary if you’ve just finished a short workout. For workouts in hot weather or intense workouts lasting more than an hour, save the coconut water or sports drinks.
  4. 4. Using it as an excuse: You can be forgiven for nursing your sore muscles until the start of next week as the Monday’s bootcamp class was so hard? But if you want to see pounds dropping on the scale, then it’s not the best idea. In order to stay on the right weight-loss track, make sure to get at least 300 minutes of vigorous exercise every week.
  5. 5. You eat after much time: It’s important to refuel soon after a workout because after a workout, it’s what helps you rebuild muscle. Make sure you have a snack of protein and carbs into your post-workout ritual, since the more muscle mass will higher your metabolism.
  6. 6. Not scheduling the next one: For finishing this workout, you should pat yourself on the back but in the way of scheduling your next workout, don’t let your self-congratulations get. If you make exercise a consistent part of your week, only then you’ll see progress.

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