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By zeeshan
Posted on 24 Aug 2016 at 12:18pm

Brighter makeup with more glare is the main highlight of 2016 makeup. A smooth skin like finish always looks well. Patrick Ta says that you can make light and length on face through highlight which is according to natural aspect but you can end it through foundation while she produced that look on Chrissy Teigen also. She added that the skin becomes fresh and alive with this highlight which looks shining and beautiful. She used mineralize skinfinish with pointed eye shadow brush on the nose bridge, cheekbones and on Cupid’s bow of Teigen while it can also be used under the browbone but forehead and undereye area should be avoided completely.

It is usually advised to make layer of Vaseline or balm over the top for better effect but Ta thinks that only powder should be used over T zone and then apply highlighter everywhere else over the foundation. Then make sides of your face soft by applying a misty setting spray. It helps to make the color look like your natural skin color. This should be used on sides of face alongside forehead and cheekbones.


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