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Posted on 17 Sep 2012 at 6:57am

Kate Hudson is a celebrated film artist and fashion model who appeared on the scene with her stunning and fantastic hair style. She was succeeded in making wonderful comeback in the Venice film festival and gave a red carpet appearance. Her hair stylist was also present there who is responsible for styling her hair as Venetian Goddess.

Kate Hudsons ‘Venetian Goddess’ Venice Film Festival Hair

Kate Hudsons ‘Venetian Goddess’ Venice Film Festival Hair

The Venice Film Festival provides fun and enjoyment to its participants in which she was looking stunning and sexy as her hair show very beautiful impact on others. The hair were looking lose and down to the earth while she moves and effortless for her.

The stylist and hair dresser said that first of all he washed all hair with pure water drop serum of IT&LY to remove dirt and dandruff from her hair and give her shining and brightness. After this he used dryer to dry her hair, give them some curls and gives new shape and style with a curling iron. From this bends have been given to the hair.

After this he used Pure Definition of Hair spray of IT&LY to give new style and shape to their hair. Then he sprayed on the tooth brush and applied it on the hair to their roots which made the hair shining and glowing and looking perfect for many reasons.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

The stylist then used the moisturizing texturizer and Pure Volumizing of IT&LY which gave perfect look to the hair, then they pinned the hair up in the back shape with the help of pins. When these hair were opened it again settled in a fine and unique style.

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