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Posted on 02 May 2014 at 6:46am

“Muslim-friendly” or “Halal” makeup products are those which are free of Alcohol and are popular among Muslim women of KSA and Indonesia like strict countries. In European markets, these products are also known as mineral makeup products. We have presented here these 10 brands that are suitable to middle-eastern weather conditions and skin and they also offer “Halal” makeup.

10 Muslim Friendly Halal Makeup products to Try

10 Muslim Friendly Halal Makeup products to Try

  1. 1. One pure: The Canadian converted Muslim Layla Mandi moved to Dubai and launched her own line of “Halal” cosmetics with the name of ‘One Pure’. These cosmetics are pork and alcohol free.
  2. 2. Hussana: In 2008, this UK based company was launched with a wide range of body-care and makeup products.
  3. FX Mineral Cosmetics: the three sisters are behind this cosmetic range where FX stands for Fuschia Xtreme. A colorful palette inspired them while their products are alcohol and cruelty free.
  4. 4. Saaf: According to the cosmetic company, the founder of this company, Dr. Mah Hussain Gambles herself created a skin balm for her mother which produces the soothing effect that no other cream can touched before.
  5. Inika: In the natural cosmetic range of the company, all the products are Certified Vegan or Organic, Certified Cruelty Free and Certified Halal. To produce makeup that performed brilliantly and cares for your skin, Inika uses pure minerals and finest Australian botanicals. Ingredients in Inika are very beneficial as they feed the skin in soothing manner.
  6. 6. Miracle Halal Mineralz: Nadia Gani, a former makeup artist and beautician, established this company. She believed that you don’t have to go against your religion or health in order to be beautiful.
  7. Mihri: An expert Muslim team from Istanbul created this Turkish beauty products range.
  8. Halal and Organic: Due to the presence of Alcohol and Animal fats (including Pork) in skincare products, there has been increase in the number of individuals over the years that have concerns about the ingredients in these products. ‘Halal and Organic’ uses alternatives to Alcohol and animal fats (including Lanolin made from sheep) which are used intensively in the industry of skincare. Few skins are sensitive to some chemicals as they can cause irritation while few other chemicals can dehydrate the skin by removing natural oils from them and thus causing dryness.
  9. Amara Halal Cosmetics: It was a complex method to develop a new product like this. Everyone is familiar with Halal food but we have to investigate a lot for Halal Cosmetics. In Islamic terms, Halal and Haram means allowed and illegal, respectively. According to Amara Cosmetics, they are committed to provide cosmetics that are not only of the finest quality but also they are Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) certified. According to the Islamic Codes of law, all of their products are manufactured and packaged in California.

10.  Shifa Cosmetics: In the cosmetic market for Halal beauty products in US, it holds a high market share and it is owned by Ahlam Momin. Now again, the Halal makeup products industry of Multi-billion dollar industry is on the high.

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