3D Crystal Lip Art Beauty Trend0 Comments

By zeeshan
Posted on 26 Sep 2016 at 4:58am

Surrealism is the main feature of this year in fashion. So far, we have seen that there is lot of displeasure shown about patterns of pure liquid gold globs to art work of post-impressionist. Then we thought that Pat McGrath’s gorgeous Lust 004 lip kit was the best one but later beautiful crystals were added to the beautiful color combinations.

Geode rock is the inspiration behind these beautiful creations which are so pleasing to watch that we can even leave eating and speaking to view them. According to New York based famous professional makeup artist Johanna, it is difficult to personally have a crystal lip but one can easily have a superb combination of having three-dimensional look by using lip gloss of metallic lipstick in the start, then use a jewel-tone lipstick in the center and in the end complete your look with glitter similar to gemstone. She shared such creations with 14600 of her followers. Apart from that, an Australian makeup artist Genevieve Jauquet also presented her pale purple lip art from her 23800 followers. Here below, you can view images of these beautiful crystal lip colors here below.

3D Crystal Lip Art Beauty Trend