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Posted on 05 Oct 2015 at 12:02pm

As the summer season is passing by, the women and girls need to apply the perfect and suitable makeup. They can get the huge variety of bright and playful colors with clear liners to make the makeup looks beautiful and attractive. They can make their makeup look darker and deeper and make the smoky eyes in purple shade with bolder lip and rose gold makeup, which can make their ways good to embrace with the warmth of autumn. The experts of makeup and stylist consultants shared different make up dos during fall season.

Smokey eyes

During this fall, you can make wonderful smoky eyes, which are ranging from traditional black and charcoal shades with the bright colors. The addition of purple can make their looks perfect and it is the vibrant color to make the evening look glamorous and attractive. When the women and girls can make their look beautiful and dashing, they can opt for distinct eyes with the lip shades.

Stained lips

The women should try the bold colors with the matte, glossy or attractive colors to make the wonderful variety of bold lip colors. In this way, their lips can be looked beautiful and dashing. They can try to opt for the deep ruby colors to set off the dark brown eyes with the tanned skin.

Rose gold make-up

The application of rose gold make up is the best way to get the wonderful and beautiful warmth of the autumn season. The shades in copper and bronze can look beautiful in the orange hues, which are added with skin tones, and make the gold looks beautiful on the skin colors. They can help in covering the eyelids with rosy shadow and they can apply gold eyeliner on the lower and upper eyelashes. The women can use blend rosy and golden shades for getting the striking effect.

Dramatic cat eyes

The cat eye makeup is wonderful and perfect for different season and it can make the look stunning during fall. The women can define the eye shapes and the type of the line, which they can make to make their look best. They can get the dramatic look with use of false eyelashes and with the application of thick mascara, which can give the eye-lift effect to the eyes.

Classic neutrals

When the women wear the nude make up, they can get one of the biggest benefit in which they can opt for the minimalist make up and make their look fabulous and stunning. They can hide their imperfections with the use of light foundation and reduce the extra luster with the use of powder on their faces. The application of highlighter on the forehead, cheekbones and chin make their look dashing. They should leave mascara to use on their face and twist their eyelashes with the tongs and application of shimmering shadows to make them beautiful, as it is applied in the inner corners of the eyes.

Subtle brown shades

During this fall season, the women should not forget about warm brown shades. On the skin tones, mild brown shades are perfect and they should apply the dusty brown shadow on the upper lid and their eyes beautiful with black deep eyeliner. If they want to get more distinct look, they can color their lower waterline and cover their lashes with the coats of brown mascara. They can use bronzer and copper lipstick to get overall warm look on the face.

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