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Posted on 12 Oct 2015 at 5:43am

The good manicure treatment ideas are provided to all of the girls. As the manicure treatment is costly and difficult method to get the manicure treatment at the nail spa. The women can solve their issue by putting it to make it with the home based manicure ideas. The women can give the useful manicure treatment to their loved ones and they will surely appreciate the efforts to give the effective manicure treatment to the women and girls.

Home Base Manicure Ideas Requirements

If the women and girls like to use their home based manicure, then they should keep in mind the good treatment, which is similar to the manicure treatment at good nail spa. They can get the manicure treatment toolkit and they include the nail clipper, nail filer, cotton balls, buffers and vitamin-E oil. They should keep in mind that these are the essential things, for the implementation of the home based manicure effectively.

Sterilization-Essential to Salon and Home Base Manicure Ideas

Before the start of the manicure, it is essential for the people to do the sterilization of the tools, which are used for the manicure treatment. When you use them for yourselves, you should do it quickly to keep them safe and free from the germs. They should not take any chance to do the manicure with the skin and they should ensure hygiene before the beginning of the manicure treatment. This is the most important pointer of the home based manicure ideas, which can also be used as salon based manicure treatment.

Starting off with Manicure Treatment

The girls can start the manicure treatment by dipping their hands in the milk warm water. The milk warm water is taken into big bowls in which one teaspoon of shampoo and body wash or manicure lotion is added. They should keep their hands in the warm water for 10 minutes and they take out of their hands and dry it with clean towel. The hygiene is primary element, which is used in the home based manicure ideas and it is also salon based.

Nail Trimming

When the women keep their hands in the warm water form some time, then they cut their nail and trim them well. If the women do not cut or trim their nail during manicure treatment, they do not do well and it is totally wrong. It is essential part of the nail trimming and it is also equally important for the home based manicure & it is occurred during manicure treatment.

Getting Rid of Dead Skin

During the manicure treatment, the women and girls should note the important thing, which is to get rid of the dead skin and they do not remove it with metal cuticle. They should note that it is an important part of the home based manicure idea.

Buffer Usage

The women should use buffer to make smooth the top of their nails and they should apply hand lotion. They should look at the final stage of the manicure treatment and they should apply clear nail polish on the nails and keep the look of the nail  natural after getting the good manicure treatment.

The women should give special attention in the home based manicure ideas and apply the base and top coat after applying the colored nail polishes to get the professional manicure treatment look to the hands.

French Manicure

The women and girls can opt for the French manicure treatment and they should note that the application of the nail polishes, the entire manicure treatment and home based manicure ideas are similar. They should use the manicure treatment with home based manicure ideas and it can get the professional look after getting the treatment from the professional nail spa.

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