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By zeeshan
Posted on 14 May 2016 at 9:35am

You would have taken your dress as prom is close but it is expected that your makeup ideas would not be completed yet. No doubt, dress has the most importance for the event but your makeup can enhance your beauty a lot. Therefore, you can view the tutorials for last minute 2016 prom.

No doubt, you can get the free makeover from several departmental stores but you can have your own through the small and easy tutorials provided here. It’s better to have your own makeup over which you have full control instead of having a free makeup that would end with a strange and uncomfortable end result. It would take some time and effort for your personal makeup but not only you can customize your look but these simple tutorials will help you complete your makeup easily and perfectly. It’s important to do makeup which is matching your outfit and facial structure.

A Kendall Jenner-Esque Smoky Eye

A Kendall Jenner-Esque Smoky Eye

Either you are looking for a soft and romantic makeup or you want to look fully bight, you can choose one of the best makeup from below for a perfect prom.

1. Easy Glam


2. A Kendall Jenner-Esque Smoky Eye


3. A Gigi Hadid-Inspired ’90s Look


4. Pretty In Pink


5. Pop of Color


6. Prom Perfection


7. For The Perfect Selfie


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