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By zeeshan
Posted on 04 Aug 2016 at 8:48am

Today’s world can be called a photographed world where we might face a camera light even at times we are not ready for it. Therefore, it is necessary to keep yourself ready for photograph. We are providing here 9 such points that will keep you look well every time by avoiding tired and greasy.

Brighten your eyes

You will really look amazing with clear eyes as your face will look brighter according to the clearance of eyes. Before applying your makeup, put your cooling eye drops in your eyes to make them look bright.

Prep your skin

You don’t require a perfect foundation application with a soft and hydrated skin. You can get this look by avoiding any uneven line or wrinkle. You can do so by either wearing a sheet mask for 10 to 15 minutes after washing your face or applying lot of general moisturizer for few minut4es and then wipe the extra layer.

Make sure your foundation is an exact match

A dark foundation will make you look muddy while you will look washed out in camera flashing in a pale one. Use natural light to test your skin shade and then use the foundation with light to medium coverage. And if your appearance is already quite shiny then apply a transparent powder over your T zone before going outside.

Ease up on the concealer

You can’t completely hide the spot on your face from camera even after using extensive coating of concealer. Instead, it will highlight that area. The better thing is to use the tip of your ring finger and use a slight amount of concealer over the area you want to hide from camera.

Highlight strategically

Lighting is the most important factor for photogenic skin. Use a highlighter or pearly shadow on inner corner of eyes, top of cheekbones and down the nose bridge. But it’s necessary to balance the situation as too much highlighter will appear as greasy in the camera photos.

Darken your brows

They make frame of your face and it’s important to darker your brows than their natural shade by using a powder or a pencil because it will look lighter in a photo. The gap between hairs should be filled with light and short strokes.

Make your eyes pop

Making a good camera photo requires neutral shadow on your eyelids which is different from smoky eyes. After that, the outer third of your upper lids should be adored with a soft black or dark brown liner. In the end, you can make your eyes look brighter and wider by curling your lashes and adding two coats of mascara over them.

Contour with blush

No doubt a slight outlining will make your face look slim with several other features but there are several possibilities of error. But you can easily and correctly shape your face by applying blush on hollow parts of your cheeks and advance it further to your cheekbones.

Go for red

Currently, dark lips are in the fashion but your lips will look thinner by darkening of your lips. You can make yourself photogenic by using a red and brighter cherry shade and give it a fat look by using a bit of gloss.

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