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By zeeshan
Posted on 29 Oct 2016 at 4:37am

With the development in the technology, people started the shopping of their cosmetics in different way and they prefer the online shopping of cosmetic products. They look for different websites and forums, which also share the feedback of the customers after using their beauty products. There are different amateur makeup artists that democratized shopping of the beauty products through demonstrations of the products and they do not restrain by the exclusive brand contracts. They became skilled by educating others as well as themselves about the beauty products and managed the deals and they also applied the makeup like other professionals.

Beauty Apps

The digital transformation is taking place in the next step by taking the consumer shopping experience to next level through the concept of augmented beauty. The beauty brands are now connected with the consumers through the digitizing process and they provide customization with the augmented reality beauty apps. The first innovation was L’Oreal Paris Makeup Genius app and it was introduced in the market in 2012. This app was used on the extensive range of products check out like taupe eyeshadow to have similar look.

Beauty Apps

Various other brands have done some facial recognition and object placement technology to provide similar immersive experiences to the clients. L’Oreal Paris drugstore counterpart, CoverGirl is providing the BeautyU app and it also helps the clients to try this product before buying. BeautyU uses the facial scanning like MakeupGenius for the determination of skin tone and the makeup is applied in real time and they also ask some questions in order to provide necessary consultation. IMAN Cosmetics is the makeup brand for women of color and they have developed the namesake beauty app to determine the color signature of the customers and they used patented color matching technology to analyze the facial features. The app offers the customized recommendations to complement the complexion and various other features.

Beauty Apps

Sephora is the makeup retailer and she looks for the right makeup match for the women. She said that she takes seven purchases of wrong color foundation then she gets the right one. To meet this challenge, she has launched the Pocket Countour Class, which is a beauty app and use the makeup mapping technology. You can get the personal consultation with Kim Kardashian through this app about the makeup techniques.

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