Confession: I’m a Woman and I Shave My Face0 Comments

Posted on 30 Jan 2015 at 11:39am


Confession: I'm a Woman and I Shave My Face

Confession: I'm a Woman and I Shave My Face

I can’t believe that I am posting this on the net, at the risk of never gaining a date ever in this life. I shaved by face. I have never realized that I have got something in common along with Carolina Mazno)

I do not stand in front of the mirror along with Barbasol and a Mach3 and proceed to work. (I consider that some of are looking a pile of shaving cream on my face.) As a matter of fact, I have never used a shaving cream. Let me elucidate…

I have grown up along with my blond lip hair. (I think you could say it a mustache, although I try to get rid of it at all costs.) I was worried about it. Since I was a teen, I have not suffered terrible acne but alternatively I was blessed with a patch of blond hair on my upper lip. Sure, all the girls have a little bit of fuzz on their upper lips. Although it was not peach fuzz, it was very significant. I was prepared to do whatever it took to remove my furry friend looking at me in the face every morning.

I went through every single removal processes, starting from Nair. I ended up burning my skin, which turned out my upper lip even more in the spotlight. After I stopped using the pink cream, I have used threading and waxing, to have my skin break out in pustules. This debarred me from desiring to remove facial hair, and then I went ahead and did bleach the sucker, that didn’t help. I as well did laser hair removal when I was 18. It worked okay, unless then I went to college and didn’t finish my sessions, so the hair grew back.

While I turned out at the age of 23 in a day in 2011, I was following YouTube, than I encountered a video from Bachelor in Paradise’s Michelle Money. She’s a cosmetologist and she uploaded a video regarding shaving her face. She’s gorgeous. She deals with every type of beauty crisis, and she and her friends explained why they shaved their faces and they said it was not only fun, it was necessary, and regarding that they showed a tutorial. Seeing their fuzz scrape right off their faces led me into an online rabbit hole.

Michelle indicated a razor called The Tinkle. You are required to purchase them online, so I did through Sally Beauty Supply, purchased a pack of Touch N Brow razors, and went through it, shaved my jawline, upper lip, under my chin, and my forehead. It was amazing; I couldn’t stop touching my face. I gained lots of wishes on my skin when I unveiled this secret; people were shocked to running to the store and buying their own razors.

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