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By zeeshan
Posted on 12 Nov 2016 at 5:40am

When you check your fresh faced look or check the insta-glam version, you can make your brows well as they can make your face different and beautiful, when you tint them with perfect shade with transformative effect. When you do the eyebrow tinting, it will accentuate the brows and define it. They should do subtle wash of color to make fuller and more youthful look to add definition and symmetry to visage. The process of tinting of eyebrow takes 10 to 15 minutes and it results for four to six weeks before the fading of eye brows naturally to the original hue.

 Eyebrow Tinting You Should Try

Eyebrow Tinting You Should Try



If Eyebrow Tinting at a Salon

Look for a Reputable Brow Specialist

The women should avoid going to such salon, which are not perfect in brows. They need to check the reviews and the comments of the readers as these reviewers are helpful to find best boutique or artisan. The experts say that they should look for the highly trained professional with vast experience and good eye for color to customize their brows.

Let Nature Be Your Guide

The women should look for color of roots on head, which is your starting point.

But You Don’t Need to Be Matchy-Matchy

If the women choose one to two shades of their hair color, then they can get result of natural looking hair as they go slight dark or light and they can give more flattering results. The redheads have cooler undertones in skin and they will look best in ashy light brown and blonde are matched with darkest undertones. The dark eyed brunette can try to match brown to highlight the dark eye pop.

But Never Go Too Light

The bleached out brown can look well with dramatic smoky eye. If the girl has natural and no makeup then light brows will give them older and tired look.

Take Stock of the Depth and Tones of Your Hair Color

If the girls changed their hair from cool to warm they need to adjust the color of their brow. If the girls have cooler toned brows then it looks very ashy and they do not have much warmth in their hair color and they do not use brow tint to make the golden tones and it will give orangey looking.

If Eyebrow Tinting at Home

Never Use the Same Dye as You Would for Your Mane

Most of the tints or dyes, which are used to color the hair, they are dangerous to use around the eyes. They maintain the concentrated formulas, which can cause allergic reaction and it can damage the eye or blindness. They should know that the dyes used in eye area, are created to be safe and delicate for thin skin and the hairs on brow and head are different in texture and strength. The brow hairs are delicate and less tolerant to chemicals like head hairs and they can damage the sensitive parts of body like eyes. They need to use semi permanent vegetable dyes, which are made specifically for eye area for eyebrow tinting.

Don’t Skip the Patch Test

The skin on the face is delicate and the skin of scalp is hard, which can bear the irritation. The girls and women need to conduct their patch test 6 to 24 hours earlier so that they can ensure that they are not sensitive to formula.

Follow the Instructions on the Box

The women and girls need to start with clean brows and they need to mix with fresh stick and after that they need to apply it on the brows with clean, and angled brush direct on brow hair. They need to take off after the recommended time on the box so that they can check the color. If the girls want to get it darker, then they need to reapply it.

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Eyes

The experts press on the importance of applying the barrier cream or ointment on the brows so that they can prevent staining and they can protect the tint from seeping into the sensitive area around eye.

Avoid Leaving the Dye on Too Long

When the dyes are oxidized, it darkens and they do not be overjoyed, when they apply it. They can check the color and if find that color is not dark, then they need to reapply it. They also make sure not to use excessive product when they apply it on brows.

Use Care When Removing the Brow Tint

When you apply the mixture on the brow, they should ensure that it does not get into the eyes. They should remove it with water and cotton. The experts say that the stains should be removed with cotton along with stain remover and they need to apply the soothing cream or oil after that.


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