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Posted on 02 Mar 2015 at 10:55am

I don’t have to let a bit runny eye makeup mess up you day, if you are struggling with smudging or chasing a case of spider lashers, as well there is way out in sight. We encountered to 2 seasoned makeup artists to get the dirt on how to cope with regular mascara mishaps, therefore your peepers could be shown up ideally.

Mascara Mishaps

Mascara Mishaps

Smudged Mascara

Primarily the bad news: if you contain long, delectable lashes (a big problem to have BTW), in fact there is no way to prevent smudging. Though, you can take out those pesky black blotches from your eyelids and under the eyes quite simply. Marina Gravini the celebs makeup artist suggests waiting for the smudge to get dried totally. “Then perform a dry mascara want and brush it gently and I will not mess up your shadow,” she mentioned. Regarding those bottom smudges she recommended to firstly do your eyes; therefore any mishaps can rapidly be cleaned up along with a cotton swab. “as soon as your make up is on, ensure to apply powder sufficiently under the eyes or either you can apply waterproof eye concealer to avoid smudging.”

Mascara Clumps

Gradually we all get mascara clumps, however showed up, there is quite better method to approach the situation than using your fingers to accurately pluck them out. As an alternative, if your lashes begin to get clumpy, Jonny Polizzi a makeup artist recommended to wipe up your makeup wand off with paper towel and combing our any unwanted goop with your lately clean want. Keep in mind to dispose of any excess mascara on the wand later then to using and to do mascara properly (apply just 2 coats and begin at the base of your lashes and twist upward) to prevent the problem in the primary venue.

Spidery Eyelashes

Do you remember the last time that you bought a new tube of mascara? Anyhow, that could be the culprit right there. “Typically, while you get spidery eyelashes, it’s since you have an old mascara or you are putting many coats,” Gravini suggested. 2 coats is her max. for complete lashes, you will obviously prefer to try a dissimilar mascara want and include it back into your makeup,” she directed. “The formula should currently be thin adequate for you to pick through your lashes.”

Mascara Dots

Steer clear of frustrating makeup marks and dots below and above your eyes by applying lash guard. “its small piece of plastic that can be applied to every eye shape, creating a obstacle among the product and the skin,” Polizzi mentioned. He swears another tried and true method by taking a mixture eyeshadow brush and powdering a bit black eye shadow on your lashes meanwhile after your put on your mascara. “This assists to attract some of the moisture from the fresh coat of mascara,” he admitted.

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