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Posted on 30 Apr 2014 at 7:22am

It is a problem to maintain the lipstick at the right place every day. There are number of occasions, when women feel that they have light lipstick after taking coffee. During the spring season, the women like to have the shades of orange on the lips. There are different reasons to wear the bold lip and maintain it. There are some other extra steps to maintain your look the whole day.

Keep Your Lipstick From Smudging Over Lips in Summer

Keep Your Lipstick From Smudging Over Lips in Summer

Prep your lips: You can apply the lipstick over the lip, which are cracked or dry, then you will see that there will be flakes over the lips with the lipstick. You should use the sugar scrub once in a week to keep the lips soft and delicate.

Keep your lips moisturized: The women should use the lip balm in sufficient quantity. When you apply the lip balm, you should ensure the use of the blot over the lips before start using of lipstick. If the slips are feeling slick, you can use the powder over the lips to make the surface of the lips grippy and plain.

Keep color off your teeth: You can protect your lips from the common faux pas by the use of simple trick. When you apply it over the lips, you should wash your hands and pass the index finger over the lisp once. In this way, the color used on the innermost part of the lips will come off with the finger and it will keep the teeth white and clean.

Powder up: The lips should be powdered up with high gloss pigments. When you apply this over the lips, then you should blot it with the tissue. Then you should place the tissue over the lips and use the invisible setting powder and the use of the fluffy bush brush. Then tap the powder on the tissue and it will absorb with the excessive moisture to the lips and keep the powder at its place.

Walk the line: There are some women, who do not like to use the lip liner for the creation of the sharp outline. They should apply the cream concealer, then trace around the lips with the lip liner brush. It will help the users to keep the line straight and as close as possible. As this concealer can work like a wall and prevent the smudging of the lipstick on the face.

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