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By safyan
Posted on 17 Mar 2016 at 7:46am

Before completing changing your complete appearance, it is not enough to shape your face. Now there is a fashion that people are applying the techniques of shade to their chests and necks. Shaping fingers could be the next step.
Everyone can understand the reason behind the contouring of chest but the reason given for contouring of neck is really surprising. According to a website, the purpose behind the contouring of neck is to make them slimmer and longer similar to a swan. But women should be self-conscious about some other thing.
One of the first to show neck contouring video tutorial is a Vlogger in which she demonstrates this process even without looking at her neck. Through this contouring, she nicely balanced her hairs.
Regan Rabanal, a MAC Artist, told that this concept isn’t quite common yet. He said that several ideas for contouring are available now while this technique was available in the fashion market since the start of 20th century. But now the reason for its popularity is the presence of its photos and tutorials from online easily.  The most important thing is to adapt this technique with your daily routine.
We will only paint brown lines down our neck because actual contouring is not suitable for our personal style but Kim Kardashian might like to learn this technique as it would help her to get rid of her necklaces.

Neck Contouring added in makeup

Neck Contouring added in makeup

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