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Posted on 11 Oct 2012 at 11:23am

Everybody likes to look beautiful and decent while going somewhere else. They wear new and stylish dresses and used unique fragrance of perfumes or scents. Like clothes and other wearing, perfumes are found in the market according to the season. A good fragrance of perfumes gives you very decent looking and appearance in the people. It remains you active and smart during the whole day work. People around you can also attract and impress by the quality of perfume which you apply on your body or dress.

Perfect scent

Perfect scent

There is a huge variety of perfumes found in the market. Some of them are cheap and their fragrance is also not feeling good as their material is also not good but there will be fine quality of perfumes which you will find in supermarkets or outlets of well known brand of perfumes. It is a cumbersome task top select right perfume for you and your family.

Seasonal Scents

As you do not wear same quality of dress round the year because weathers are constantly changed and you will have to wear dresses according to the demand of the weather. In the same way you use perfumes according to the change in weather. There is a lot of variety of perfumes like day, night, summer and winter perfumes.

Right Use

If you use perfumes then you should know that it is not enough to apply perfumes or scent around your neck but always keep it remember that you should use perfumes round your neck, wrists, backs and knees back and under the shoulder. All the day work turns into sweating during summer season which give and smell to other people with you at work. The sweating smell gives an ugly looking of your personality.

Know your type

You should know that what type of perfumes you needed. There will be a huge variety of perfumes but you should know that you like gentle, hard, floral, green, oriental, citrus, fougere or chypre type of perfumes. If the selection criteria of your perfume are limited than you can make easy decision to select suitable perfumes or scent according to your personality.

Take your time

Everybody has different choice of perfumes and no perfume is suited to all people because the skin type makes it different from other. You can check by visiting any store, use two type of perfumes on the wrists of your hands. You let these perfumes settled down and when dry then smell that with the application on the skins of the hand what is the change in smelling of the perfume. Then you should make decision that what type of perfumes you need to buy.

Make it last

Various good quality perfumes give sweet and pleasing smelling which last for a long time. As you go on work then you will have to spend a long day there among your colleagues then you should use such quality of perfumes which give fragrance quite long time. You should remember that the perfume who has high proportion of base notes will give smell for a long time and it should be selected for using on your skin and body.

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