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Posted on 04 Feb 2014 at 6:32am

Rad Or Bad Mismatch Eyeliner

Rad Or Bad Mismatch Eyeliner

The mismatched eyeliner is used to be looked beautiful and stunning but the eyelid art is looked good to the new nail art. It is not the perfect makeup look for the women, who want to look beautiful and stunning. About two years ago, this is called the half moon manis and now it is looked elegant and wonderful for the eyes.

There is huge different in the nail art and the eyelid art and it looks like the small dab, which looks in the middle of the face and it looks big beauty risk beyond the multicolored talons. The use of eyeliner on the right bold eye makeup will be looked beautiful and wonderful and it will be cool and flattering.

This is looked beautiful as the graphic and the minimalist designs over the eyes at one time.  The two shades like blue and green are belonged to the same color family and the use of different and contrast colors like orange and blue will give the beautiful look. It will be a definitely a stunning look and it may not be the morning commuter train.




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