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Posted on 27 Sep 2012 at 7:22am

Now there is trend of looking slim and smart and people like to eat organic food which make them healthy and saves them from diseases. But due to dearth, a lot of people cannot afford to buy healthy and rich in minerals foods. The Soil Association helps you by suggesting some useful tips for taking healthy and nutritious foods.

organic food budget

organic food budget

Eat season food. The seasonal fruit or vegetable is more nutritious. The taste of fresh food is also good and has fresh and enough pulp in seasonal fruits or vegetables. But the fruit and vegetable available in the market and their season is also out, they are kept in cold storages but their do not remain the same the fresh one has.

Join Scheme of organic box. Always try to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables which you can easily find near your home. Due to this scheme you can find fresh and nutritious food at cheap rates from which you relish your appetite. Such kinds of fresh fruits are full with organic things and will provide freshness to your body and give you good health. You should choose appropriate fruits and vegetables to make good the deficiency of vitamin, calcium and other minerals.

Less use of meat. You do not need to eat meat in large quantity as the meat has a lot of fats which increases fats in your body. But on the other side, vegetables and pulses are nutritious and make you slim and smart. These can be available in the market easily and are fresh in their taste. The pulses like grams, lentils and beans are good and useful for health.

Minimize packed Fruits and Vegetables.

The packed fruits and vegetable are less nutritious and they also contained fewer calories as these items have been packed for a number of days. Make your habit to avoid buying of packed fruit and vegetable and always try to buy fresh and leafy vegetable and fruits which contained large number of calories and other nutritious ingredients.

Grow your own Vegetables, If you have some ground in your home in the shape of small garden or lawn then you should grow your own vegetables which can be easily grow in your home. You can grow lettuce and tomatoes in small area with the boundary wall where they can grow with a small plant in plenty of numbers. These fresh vegetables can provide you very good taste and all ingredients in it.

Substitute produce. You can exchange your produce of vegetable with any friend who keeps hens. You can make a contact with him and ask him to barter your vegetables with the eggs to save money and get organic food by maintaining organic community.

Deal with a farmer’s market at last knockings. The producers bring vegetables and fruits to the market to sell and earn money. During day time their rate of vegetable and fruit is high, but in the evening when they are going to their homes, they try to sell all vegetables and fruits rather than taking these items to their homes back which may spoil, they try to sell the remaining fruit and vegetable. That is the best time to buy their fruits and vegetable and by making a good deal you can buy fruits and vegetables and can save some money.

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