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Posted on 05 Apr 2013 at 7:48am

The celebrities do makeup and adopt various fashion trends in the red carpet ceremonies to impress other people as well as look different and beautiful from all of the audience. For this purpose, they adopt various fashion trends by making changes in their dresses or use of other accessories. Nails and nail art are increasingly popular among people of high gentry as well as common women and girls.

The popular artist, Zooey Deschanel adopted the new and ever changing trend at the Golden Globes where the ceremonies of the awards were taking place. During the award ceremony of SAG, Anne Hathaway appeared in the ceremony when her nails were adorned with black butterflies and the hands of Phillips who worked in the television series ‘Cougar Town’, were decorated with nude manicure with gold crystal embellishments as she did it on her two nails. Kaley Cuoco who was the actress of the Big Bang, decorated her nails with red colour to make the light pink hearts. You saw the nail decoration on the red nails of the popular singer, Janelle Monae as she did it on her ring finger during the last Grammys awards. Miranda Lambert and Jennifer Lopez also used the white polish and made the blue triangle at the base and she made the gold leaf and gold studs on her pinkie finger.

The popular stylist of various celebrities, Kimmie Kyees, living in Los Angeles and she made the manicure  of the Rihanna, Katy Perry and Adela during the Grammys awards 2013, told that designing the nails is very cheap and Minx and other companies are starting the nail art trend. There are some other companies like Incoco and Sally Hansen introduce different versions of dry nail polish art and now most of the stylists and designers can do it at home. Kimmie has also designed the nail for the red carpet fashion awards for the celebration of the Valentine’s day. You can start the painting of the nails by applying the base coat like Orly Bonder the you can apply two more coats of Cover girl outlast stay brilliant nail gloss in Pink finity 140.

When you start making the nail art, use dot of CoverGirl Outlast Brilliant Nail Gloss in Snow Storm side by side on the top of the nail to make top of the heart. Then you can apply the brush and use the polish down to make the lower side of the heart.

Nail Art

Nail Art

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