Reusable Cotton Rounds: The Next Big Thing In Green Beauty?0 Comments

Posted on 27 Sep 2013 at 4:55am

When we start talking over the green beauty, then there are various brands, who like to talk over this topic but there are fewer brands, which have enough resources and unique ideas to do the eco-friendly walk. It is not easy to have the green beauty, which becomes challenge to us.

Adina Grigore has established the beauty line, S.W. Basics, which provides the natural beauty line and she is expert in the skin care and provides homemade products. Now she is going to prepare the green grooming as she used the reusable organic cotton rounds and these are used for the cotton pad to makeup-removing and other requirements of the toner application.

The reusable cotton rounds are sold in the pack of eight with the counting that one for daily use and one is extra. They are packed with small drawstring laundry bags and the organic unbleached rounds for the removing of makeup or apply as the toner or the cleanser. You can place these cotton rounds in the mini laundry bags and wash them.

Cotton Rounds pics

Cotton Rounds pics

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