Adult Acne Why Still Breaking Out in Your 20s and 30s0 Comments

By zeeshan
Posted on 04 Feb 2017 at 10:25am

It is commonly thought that acne and other skin problems will disappear after you reach 20 years of age and your skin will look smooth and soft. It happens for few years but the pimples starts appearing again around 25 years of age. And these pimples are different from the previous ones as they are painful and very deep. These are called ‘adult acne’. Most of the people suffer from such acne and no exact reason is known for breaking out of these pimples. Here below, we are providing you information about the causes of adult acne along with the measures you can take to prevent them from happening.

Adult acne causes

As compared to men, females are more likely to get this acne. In current times, women are more prone to get the adult acne. The real reason is not known but it is expected that they are mostly cause by female hormones. During menstrual cycles, the high quantity of these hormones stimulate oil production on skin after which acne causing bacteria produces such acne due to clogging of pores by extra skin oil.

Level of estrogen creates this problem. The estrogen level starts to decline at 20s and 30s. later, lower face, side of face and the neck area is especially affected by imbalance in the ratio of estrogen and testosterone levels.

In the first step, you can get rid of this hormonal acne by using tropical acne treatments. Salicylic acid and dead cells from skin surface can be removed by salicylic acid while opening of blocked pores and killing of acne causing bacteria can be done by benzoyl peroxide. Mask containing these substances is also a good way to get rid of acne.

Apart from that, retinol can also be used for treatment as inflammation in the skin and blocking in follicles can be reduced by using topical retinoids. The Vitamin A in retinol also helps in prevention of wrinkles. If you have a sensitive skin and you haven’t used a retinol before then you should only use a less intense acid.

Adult acne prevention

Oral medications should be used to prevent breakout of adult acne. For this purpose, hormonal therapies can be used to decrease the hormones that cause stimulation of oil glands.

Diet is also important to be checked. Adult acne can be minimized by using probiotic supplements. Probotics are such good bacteria that help to remove bad bacteria from our gut. There is no scientific study relating skin acne with probiotics but they should be tried for the betterment of skin.

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