The Bubble Nails Manicure Craze0 Comments

Posted on 25 Aug 2015 at 10:38am

Ignore the stiletto nail, while there is a latest nail designs and these nail shapes are taking the social media by storm. These latest nail shapes are the curved nail, hump nail or the bubble shaped nail. To get the look, the manicurist will cover your nails along with acrylic, making it thick in the middle and letting it to thin out, making a curve in the nail.

Then you nails appears like the back of a turtle’s shell and seems that it has got the new hotness on the streets. On Tumblr or Instagram you are going to capture plenty of pictures of these curved nails, also lots of memes from people who are wondering that why it is a thing in the first place. Certainly the bubble nail appears to be an acquired taste for some, however one woman’s fugly is the upcoming woman’s fierce.

Get familiar along with the bubble nail via these pictures in the following.

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