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Posted on 16 Oct 2012 at 7:55am

Tess Daly is a television presenter who shared some advices with her viewers to remain active and smart during day time and will work efficiently.

Tess Daly’s top tips for a great bum

Tess Daly’s top tips for a great bum

Use Stairs

She advised to use stairs to go upstairs instead of using lift as the climbing of stairs gives your muscles new strength and power and make them active and smart for a longer time.

Go to the Gym

She is also of the view to go to the gym regularly which will give exercise to your lungs, and the muscles of the buttock. The squatting done at the gym will provide health and strength to the concerned muscles.

Let the hands free

While you are sitting in the chair or leaving the chair then you should not use your hands. The movement will give strength to your leg muscles as you are squatting during this movement.

Make a stand

If you are sitting somewhere else than you do not take more than 20 minutes to sit in awkward position and avoid adjusting position. The standing position will give health to your leg and back muscles.

Get some balls

You can do some exercises while watching television or massage your body muscles with tennis balls. You should place the tennis ball between your butt cheeks and the wall while standing near the wall. Then you lean against it and move the ball through your body movements and let the ball to massage your body. This exercise will help you to lessen the tension in your body muscles.

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