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Posted on 08 Aug 2012 at 9:29am

Naomi Watts and Stella McCartney showed us about less is more at the NSPCC Pop Art Ball the previous week.

The busy working mothers ages ranging in forties, looked fresh faced and youthful, blurring the usual smoky eyes and colored lips for a simple no-make-up appearance.

The secret to attain this is not to go completely make-up free, however, but curtailed to the number of products and use just one of the new generation of technologically advanced multi-taskers: a BB Cream.

Instead of layering primer, foundation, concealer and powder, which can look heavy and aging, especially in the months of summer, a BB cream can impart a glowing the complexion also.

Blemish or beauty balms works as moisturizer, primer, foundation, anti-aging serum, spot treatment and sun-block also. They may also provide sheer coverage than a foundation and it also cover the trouble spot with a dab of concealer which gives the skin a more dewy and plump look.



Make-up artist Lisa Eldridge, who have various clients consisting of Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum and Cate Blanchett, sums it up: “ she is not only a BB cream an illuminator, moisturiser and protector with SPF. It also has the qualities of correction and making balance. Your one stop shop to flawless, beautiful skin.”

What else do you need to achieve this appearance?

Naomi Watts tints her eyelashes rather than use a mascara, and Stella McCartney’s desert island must have? Eyeliner.

Finish off with a slick of natural lip lacquer and this is a modern look that can work anywhere, day or night.

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