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By zeeshan
Posted on 10 Aug 2016 at 7:02am

Many women like to have ponytail as their basic hairstyle. The main reason for its excessive use is its easy application which is very important when your hair are not performing well or you don’t have the energy and time to make difficult hairstyles with several bobby pins or Dutch braid hairstyle. You can see ponytail hair during hot summer days, beach trips and even Zumba classes due to its simplicity and effectiveness. But you can make this style quite fancy also.

You will know about several such styles present on the runways and red carpets. These are really not basic but very stylish. You can get several ideas of ponytail with its main style. You can take your style to a new level by adding multiple textures, twists, hair accessories or braids in the ponytail. All these are part of the ponytail. You can view few of the most beautiful and fresh styles of ponytail by viewing the pictures below.



Ponytails Wiht purple dip dye

Ponytails with a twist

Ponytails with a elastics

braid Ponytails hybrid

crimped ponytail mother of pearl

ponytail with long accessory fendi

Twisted Tail

So Flirty


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