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Posted on 08 Sep 2012 at 6:28am

Lucy Knight is a personal trainer and writer of the book, “Walking for Weight Loss”. She said that walking on foot is very beneficial for the health which has good impact on the mental and physical health of every person.

Walk your way to health

Walk your way to health

Some doctors and physicians suggest that walking at least 5000 steps will make you healthy and strong for a long time. Walk will solve your sleeping problems and you can enjoy sound and deep sleep. Your heart and others organs work efficiently as they get sufficient quantity of blood, extra calories burns and there will be no danger of sugar and cancer. Walking can also save you from weak and rare supply of blood to your brain. Women who walk two or more hours in a week they face less danger of heart attack and clotting of blood in the brain.

Walking is a blessing which saves you from many diseases and also save you from taking a gulp of medicines and tablets. Adopt the habit of walking, if possible do it in the morning otherwise you do it in the evening, which will give motion to every part of your body. In this way your body remains active, fresh and healthy. Use less your motor cars and other transport and try to walk to bnearby market or offices. Leave your car at a distance while go for shopping or on a picnic so that you will have to walk to long distances which will give your body a new life and strength.

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