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Posted on 06 Apr 2013 at 6:20am

It becomes the fashion to count the calorie to remain healthy and free from diseases, you should know about 200 calories that how can you get all of them.

The weight slimming persons show you the portion of snack sizes and do not take full scotch egg or drink a cup of full cream milk but instead a half cup.

You can take seven rings of party or eat three rashers of meat and can drink coke. If you seek advice from your doctor then he will advise you to eat a plate of blueberries and can eat two bananas.

Calories Food

Calories Food

If you are going to reduce your weight then you can eat two pieces of white bread with 50 g cheddar cheese and these will be your limit.

You can also add three quarters of baked beans or a bit of sausages. The reception of so much calories will create problems for you to get fat which is major problem for having diseases.

At present, there are about 25% adult persons who are facing the obesity problems and by the end of 2050, this problem will grow 60 percent in men and 50 percent in women. If we control the calories then we can control various diseases.

The famous Nutritionist Dr Jane Lucker is of the opinion that average woman use about 2,000 and man use 2,500 calories in a day. Most of the people do not take care of the 200 calories as they think that it is not possible and people think about it do not giving attention to it.

If we use the calories at about 50 per day then it will come to 18,000 in a year and in this way, we can lose the body weight to great extent.

If you want to get 200 calories in a day then you can see the picture, which is given by the Sun so that you can see how is it possible.

By AMANDA URSELL, Sun Nutritionist

Amanda Ursell

Amanda Ursell

Normal sized portions ….. Amanda Ursell

You can see the sizes of the portions of snacks when you constantly watch your weight. There are various other foods, which are growing in sizes during many years.

The products present in supermarkets and coffee shops to various bakeries and vending machines have some added weight and their size is also getting larger. The portion of the things or snack, which are served to us and the portions of the things are shown in the pictures, which are about 200 calories.

You can see all these things, which have 200 calories as sweets and fizzy drinks full to the brim, do not have more than 200 calories and these look fine and healthy.

It is good for you to have various nutrients into your 200 calories, you can eat these things by adding them in the food and if you are not hungry then you should not eat more snacks. If you eat fruits and vegetables then it will be better for you to eat this food.

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