‘Bachelorette’ Ashley Hebert’s Going To Be A Dentist — So Which Of Her Men Has The Best Smile?0 Comments

Posted on 22 Jun 2011 at 7:28am

A Dental expert tells Fashionstylestrend.com exclusively how he ranks ‘Bachelorette’ Ashley’s men based on their smiles! Do you agree with his #1 pick?

Now that filming takes place BacheloretteAshley Hebert hit ABC reality show is back to even hours in the clinic, so you can become a dentist. But while 27-year old is going to make a career on a big smile, NYC Dentist Dr. Nicholas Toscano DDS Fashionstylestrend.com tell you what they think about Ashley teeth – and that of her potential hubby has the best smile!

“Ashley is a beautiful smile as it should be, it is still a dentist,” says Dr. Toscano. “It has a beautiful straight white teeth. If I had anything to improve, I would just a little gum recontouring to give her a better symmetry from side to side a bit more length of the teeth, especially when it revives.”
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Here’s Dr. Toscano’s list of Ashley’s men ranking them from best to worst based on their teeth:

1. Ryan Park has an A+ smile. His dentist should be proud.
2. Blake Julian‘s smile is perfect, as it should be. He is a dentist.
3. Lucas Daniels has a great smile, perfect sized teeth for his facial symmetry. He could benefit from invisalign to fix the snaggle tooth on the left side.
4. J.P. Rosenbaum has a nice smile but could benefit from veneers. His canines are a little too vampire like. That’s good for the show True Blood, but not for The Bachelorette
5. Ben Flajnik can use a little Invisalign to do some subtle straightening of his teeth.
6. Ames Brown has nice white teeth but it looks like his teeth are a little too big for his facial structure
7. Constatine Tzortzis a little too buck tooth. His front teeth are too big in relation to the other teeth. Help is needed.
8. Ryan “Mickey” McLean tends to hide his teeth when he smiles. He could immediately benefit from braces or invisalign, then he would probably want to show his teeth off.

A čo doc myslieť na Bad Boy Bentley Williams – kto bude mať dramatický návrat v Epizóda 6? “Bentley má veľmi mužskú úsmev, ale on je trochu gumový,” poznamenáva Dr Toscano. “Môže ťažiť z ďasien výťah mierne predĺžiť zuby a zvýšenie symetria zo strany na stranu.”

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