“I Intimidate Them,” Admits The Single Singer…0 Comments

Posted on 21 Jun 2011 at 7:39am

She’s been linked to the likes of T-Pain and Calvin Harris – but it seems neither could quite handle feisty songstress Ke$ha!

And with her love for dressing up in garbage bags, her passion for wearing her own placenta around her neck, and her bizarre obsession with her fans’ teeth – we’re not really surprised.

But while her oddball habits may freak some fellas out – the ‘Tik Tok’ star insists she won’t change her weird ways for anyone.

“Maybe some guys are put off from approaching me because I intimidate them,” she told the News Of The World. “But, if so, good. Guys should be scared of me.

“I realise I polarise opinions, but you can either join my party or f**k off, because I’m not going anywhere.”

And while she may opt for some rather raunchy costumes on stage, one thing’s for sure – the flamboyant popstar, who toured Down Under in March, is NO sex object!

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