Rebecca Black Karaokes ‘Friday’ on Leno0 Comments

Posted on 04 Apr 2011 at 11:22am

I can admit it. Despite the millions of nasty comments being hurdled at Rebecca Black over the internet and the fact that her song is awful (which I’m not blaming her for because she didn’t write it and she’s 13 YEARS OLD), I’m kind of jealous. You know what I was doing at 13? I was pretending to do my geometry homework while plastering my walls with N’Sync posters and memorizing the words to all their songs. I was seeing how many entirely pink outfits I could make from the items in my wardrobe. I was definitely NOT making a million bucks on YouTube or sitting next to Bradley “I’m so handsome” Cooper on The Tonight Show while chatting it up with Jay Leno. Nope.


But there is one thing Rebecca Black and 13-year-old Kelsea have in common: we both like to pick up microphones and pretend to sing along to pop songs. Just watch this video and try and tell me this girl isn’t lip-syncing or BEST CASE SCENARIO passively singing along to the auto-tuned, overly-produced version of her hit song

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